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Can I hide menu options?


Yes. Certain menu options may be hidden in Unanet using either Admin properties or the menu.xml file to specify roles and combinations of roles.

For example, Unanet customers may limit functionality for the Project Manager role. Someone who is just a Project Manager role may have a different set of options than someone who has both the Project Manager AND Viewer role. Someone who has Project Manager, Viewer, and the Customer roles could have a third set of options available to them (or whatever combination of roles is appropriate).

Note that the list of examples below is not comprehensive of all possible things you may want to hide.

What you want to HideCan be hidden via Admin PropertiesCan be hidden via menu.xml file

+Leave Request 

For example, if you don’t require formal pre-authorization of leave requests in advance.


+Expense Request 

For example, if you don’t require formal pre-authorization of travel in advance.


+Expense Report

If you require all expenses to be pre-authorized.



If you want to ensure that projects are only ever created from template projects via Copy Project. This is particularly helpful for DCAA-compliant clients KC - FAQ - Can I specify default settings in the project profile?


My Account - Preferences

You might wish to hide the ability for a person to designate their own alternates, or to specify their own skills, or add/update credit cards. You may prefer that only Admins have this ability. This can be controlled discretely by type of thing you want to hide (alternates, skills, etc.).


Billing Dashboard

If you want people to fill out Billing setup information for a project (e.g., Operations Managers) but not be able to post data or create invoices (e.g., if only Corporate accounting can post/create invoices), you would want the person to be a Billing Manager but not see the Billing dashboard. This way they can access the billing set up in the project but not post data or create invoices from the Billing dashboard.


Project Alerts Tab

You might wish to enable the Project profile Alerts tab to Project Leads.


How to update the menu.xml file:

  • If Cloud, Unanet Support will update and apply.
  • If On Premise, your IT department will change this in Config – menu.xml file based upon instruction from the Unanet Support team.


To hide the Billing Menu from anyone with the Billing Viewer Role or Alternate Billing Viewer Role, place this code in the menu.xml file:

<menu refid="">

<role>administrator|(billingManager|billingManager~) &amp; !(billingViewer|billingViewer~)</role>


Additional Information

Help Docs - menu.xml options

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