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What is a typical 9/80 work week?


A 9/80 work week includes:

  • Working an expected 9 hours per weekday other than Friday.
  • Working 8 hours on every other Friday.
  • Getting every other Friday off.
  • A weekly definition of Friday to Friday (instead of Monday to Sunday or Saturday to Friday).
    • The week begin is often sometime midday Friday.
      • The 9/80 week, therefore, would run noon Friday to noon Friday.

Typical Workweek for 9/80, (Friday April 20 and every other Friday after that is the Friday off)

20-Apr23-Apr24-Apr25-Apr26-Apr27-AprWeekly Total


27-Apr30-Apr1-May2-May3-May4-MayWeekly Total


Accommodating a 9/80 work week in Unanet depends on how your organization plans to use the Business Week setup.

  • If the focus is on reminders, then you have the option to include or exclude Friday from the setup.
    • If you include Friday, you would set up 9 hrs/day to show 45 hours required for the week.
    • If you exclude Friday, you would set up 9 hrs/day to show 36 hours required for the week.
  • If capacity is more important, it is recommended to set up 8 hrs/day so the total is 40.

See the screenshot below for an example of each setup:

Additional Information

Help Docs - Time Period Setup

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