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What do I do when approvals haven't been processed and I need to create invoices?


Since in Unanet, time/expense must be approved and locked/extracted prior to billing (to ensure accuracy of bill amounts which clients see), and since invoicing cannot be held up by waiting for Project Approvers or Managers to approve, the following process can be followed:


  • Admins are set up to be Alternates to Project Approvers/Managers
  • Project Approver/Manager Review is turned on in Admin Properties


  • When a project approver is delinquent in approving time/expense, the admins approve on their behalf:

    • Time/expense is then auto-locked or manually extracted

    • Finance/Admins proceed with invoicing

  • When the project approver/manager is able, they can go in and perform a Review of what was done on their behalf:
    • If anything was approved that should not have been approved, the Admin can enable adjustments to be made
    • These adjustments, if any, would automatically appear on the subsequent invoice

Additional Information

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