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What kind of adjustments to bill rates will be made when I edit the Rates tab?


When you edit anything on the Rates tab of the person profile, adjustments can occur to LOCKED/EXTRACTED time pertaining to cost/bill or labor cost elements.

Note that even a change to the labor cost element field (from blank to a value) can affect things like bill rate on historical time. This is due to re-rating. The types of changes that will occur will depend on your configuration. For example, it may be that the time actuals in the system are getting their bill rate from a master or project level labor category, or a project or task level assignment. When the person Rates tab is modified, the re-rating engine will look at all timesheets that overlap the impacted time frame of the rate entry update and re-rate any timesheets that fall in that range. If the re-rating engine picks up the rates from an assignment, which is the same as it was before the rate entry was modified, then it would yield the same result and thus no adjustment would be entered in the system (despite the change to the person’s default bill rate).

To ensure that bill rates are not impacted, be sure that assignment bill rates are historically in place before changing the Rates tab.

When re-rating, for bill rate, the system looks at the Assignment and then: 

  • If set to person bill rate, applies person bill rate.
  • If set to override bill rate, applies override bill rate.
  • If set to labor category bill rate, does not look at labor category on the assignment, but instead then looks up the timesheet cell labor category, and then applies the associated rate from master/project rate table.

Prior to generating adjustments by editing the labor cost element, you will need to ensure that:

  • Assignments are set to the person or override bill rate.
  • Assignments are set to the labor category radio button for bill rate - AND - the labor category tables in the project or master list must be correct.
    • While noting that the labor category in the assignment will be ignored, if different from the timesheet cell labor category.

We recommend looking at the Time Details report showing labor category, refreshing as you create edits to ensure the data has adjusted as expected.

Additional Information

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