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Where can employees view their vacation balances?


Under Time > Dashboard, each person can run the Leave Balance or Accrual Details reports in the Quick Reports section to view their own balances and accrual activity.

Leave Balance

This link executes the User Schedule Details report, which shows the employee's balance of hours based on Leave designated projects.

Accrual Details

This link executes the User Accrual Details report, which shows the employee's current balance of hours for the accrual project and the projected hours through the current quarter.

Note: If accruals are used for Leave projects, the Accrual Details report can be executed from Reports > Dashboard with additional search criteria. Users can check the box to "Include Projected Actuals" to view the estimated balance at a future date (this date is designated by the Date Range in the report criteria).

Additional Information

Help Docs - User Schedule Details Report

Help Docs - User Accrual Details Report

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