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How do accrual begin dates and hire dates impact partial/full accruals?

Accrual begin dates and hire dates for a Person Accrual Plan association are important!

  • Unanet will pro-rate the accrual amount based on this date.
  • For example, if hired on March 10 in a monthly accrual plan, the person will receive only .71 of the accrual amount for that month.


People accrue 15 hours per month.

Hire date is 10 days into a 31 day month = 21 days in the month.

21/31 = .7097

Earn 15 * .7097 = 10.645 hours for that month.

Hire date also impacts the calculation of hours accrued when the date hits an accrual escalation point in the same manner.


Some clients choose to change all hire dates and accrual begin dates in Unanet to the first of an accrual period so that the proration does not occur.

Note that in an accrual plan period type of "Yearly" the proration calculates on a monthly period. To avoid proration, choose a hire date/accrual begin day on the first of the month. 

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