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Can we allow people to go into a negative balance up to 40 hours?


Unanet allows enforcement that negative balances are capped via a validation stored procedure. This may be accomplished in a few ways. Two ways to handle this are either a company-wide maximum negative or a per-person maximum negative. 

The Validation Stored Procedure (VSP) can enforce an over budget limit of 40 hours. The Accrual Plan is set to Exceed, but when the user saves or submits a timesheet, the VSP can check that the user has not exceeded their accrued hours by more than 40 hours. The user cannot save or submit the timesheet until the validation is passed. The VSP is custom database software which can be written by your company or by one of our partner companies. There is a cost associated with our development of the VSP.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support representative for more details.

Otherwise, the normal setting for an accrual plan is to restrict the user to the hours accrued. Without a stored procedure, merely allowing the users to exceed the accrued hours does not set a limit on how many hours they can go over budget.

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