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How do I share Ad Hoc Reports in Unanet?


There are two ways to share an Ad Hoc report in Unanet:

Option 1: You can share a particular report definition with other users via the Export / Import capabilities. 

Once you have a report defined as you would like, you can click on the Export button.  This will prompt you to save a file (in XML format), which can then be shared with another user.  

The receiving user can load a shared report into their list of Ad Hoc reports by clicking on the +Ad Hoc report icon (available on the Reports >> Ad hoc screen), clicking the Import button, selecting the provided file and pressing save. 


Option 2: Once you have a report defined as you'd like and have saved it to your dashboard, copy the URL (which should have "runFrom=" at the end) and paste it into an email, or even a scheduled broadcast message out of Unanet.

An advantage is that if someone is required to log into Unanet after clicking on the link, they will be taken immediately to the report output once logged in.


Note: for both options - viewing reports and specific report columns, data areas, and views is restricted by role. For example, if the initial report creator possessed the Cost Rate Manager role and had included Cost Rate related fields, yet the receiving user did not have that role, any Cost Rate related fields would be dropped from the report definition when imported for that user.


Additional Information

Help Docs - Adhoc Reports


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