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Why are my Project/Task Alerts are not generating?


  1. If your Project/Task Alerts  are not generating, there are few areas you can go to, to double check the setup.  First, navigate to the Alerts tab on the Project Profile to confirm that the Alerts have been set.  To get here, go to the Alerts tab on the Project profile. On the Alerts tab you can confirm the alert methods, who receives them, and the thresholds at which they will be triggered. See screenshot A below.  Be sure that these settings are set appropriately such that an alert would have generated.

Note also that you may be using either Default or Custom preferences for Alerts.  If Custom, then as above, the alert settings are made specific to that project.  If Default, then it will use the settings as specified by the PM in Project-Alerts, which will apply to all projects unless a project is marked for Custom.

Note that optionally, you can have these thresholds trigger based on an individual task level, so be sure to review the task budget values and if the task setting "Generate alerts for this task based on the project's settings" is checked.  It can be found by going to the Profile tab for the respective Task under the desired Project.  See screenshot B below.


Screenshot A:

Screenshot B:

2. Have an Admin ensure that your Alerts have been scheduled.  An admin may check this by going to Admin > Schedule > System Actions > Project Alerts.  If the Alerts have not been scheduled, please schedule them by clicking on the Edit pencil.  Once you have scheduled your alert, please note the timing of that Schedule.  The Alert will be prompted to appear on your dashboard and through email at the scheduled time.  This can be found by looking at the "Next" tab as well as the "Date Range".  See screenshot C. below:


Screenshot C:


3. Last, if your Alerts are still not appearing, please ensure that your Scheduler has been enabled.  This can be found by going to Admin > Properties > Unanet > System.  Please note that the "Disable Unanet Scheduler" checkbox should be unchecked.  This will not only impact your Alerts but also your Reminders and Accrual Postings as well.  See screenshot D. below:


Screenshot D:


Additional Information

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