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Title: Color Coded Utilization Display in Planning/Assigning Grids

Brief description:

The Planning/Assigning Grids have the capability to display color coding for each cell based on a resource's planned or assigned utilization. 

What’s covered in this document:

Background Information

Customers with a Unanet Project Portfolio license, have the capability to use this display feature to forecast and manage resources.

If you are new to the Unanet Forecasting feature, please refer to the link below. This Quick Topic outlines the basic steps to planning resources: KC - Quick Topic - Basic Labor Planning in the Grid.

How to Use Color By Booked Percentage

  1. Follow the resource planning (or assigning) basic steps outlined here: KC - Quick Topic - Basic Labor Planning in the Grid.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, notice that a new "Resource Utilization" section has been added.

  3. Customize the color code criteria by checking the "Color by Booked Percentage" box. (Note: you may want to keep the criteria the same as your preferred resource allocation report.)

  4. After setting the criteria, click on the Plan tab. Each cell is now color coded. (If you are in the Assigning Grid, click on the Assign tab).
      1. the color represents the person's total utilization across all projects, so that you know when planning/assigning them how booked they already are across all projects.
      2. the numeric value in the cell represents the booking for this person on this one project (either in FTE or in hours).

Based on the example used above, you will want to avoid booking people highlighted in red as this signifies that they are already over booked for the time period. Instead, try to level resources by assigning work to people who are currently in yellow, as this signifies that they are under booked. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The color coding is in real time. Therefore, as soon as additional hours are booked or removed from a resource and "Save" is clicked, you will notice a color change if a new threshold is reached.
  • The color coding will be determined by the resource's booked percentage across all projects in the system; that is, projects not included in your criteria will contribute to the resource's booked percentage for an overall view of that resource's availability.
  • Color coding is not available when you choose plan/assign by period of performance.
  • In the search tab, you can select the "Limit Resources by Booked Percentage", enter a percentage threshold and limit the data returned to only display over loaded and/or under utilized resources.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Project People Plans

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