Introduction: If you need to be DCAA compliant, you can set features and functions that directly support DCAA requirements in addition to your policies and procedures.  Review the links in the Additional Information section below. 

 The following 7 properties are considered required in order to maintain DCAA compliance:

Enable Require Approvers to view details


Disable Users to Self-Approve timesheets


Disable Allow Managers to Edit Timesheets

Disable End Users ability to delete timesheets


Enable Time Sheet Audit Trail 


Enable Require Timesheet Approval

Enable Require Approval for Expenses


If you intend to allow managers to edit their user's time and expenses and/or allow alternates to perform work on behalf of other users (e.g. alternate approvers), you will need to consider the various review required properties below in order to remain DCAA compliant.  Enabling the following properties allows for the ability to have users do work on one another's behalf (so long as the original user reviews the work).


Alternately, you can leave the review required feature disabled and instead control which users can act on behalf of other users by limiting who can become an alternate, and remove the manager's ability to edit their user's time and expenses by considering the properties below.


For each project, settings to not allow future charges and to optionally require comments for each timesheet cell are located on the TIME tab for the Project. Note that LEAVE projects can be designated to allow future charges and are not required to be DCAA compliant.

Additional settings:

1)     Under Admin => Setup, an email reminder can be created to send to users who have reported less than the specified number of hours for a day. The link to the user’s timesheet can be included in the message as seen below:

2)     Change Reasons can be added under ADMIN >> SETUP to give possible reasons that a timesheet cell was modified since previous save. These reasons can be tailored for your organization’s requirements and displayed as a pull-down pick list of choices the user can select when the modification occurs.

3)     View the real-time assignment to your projects or your authorization to charge to a project in the User Schedule Details Report. Upon assignment to the project, the user can receive an email to be notified that he/she is authorized to start charging time to the project. 


Additional Information:

Help Docs - Support for DCAA

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