This document provides information regarding voiding a Vendor Invoice. In Unanet, the voiding process is initiated on the Vendor Invoice record. The voiding process will create a voiding document, which, when combined with the original document, will net to zero.


  1. Navigate to Financials > Accounts Payable > Vendor Invoices.
  2. On the Search tab, enter criteria to search for the Vendor Invoice you would like to void.
  3. Click the List tab to view the resulting Vendor Invoices.
  4. Locate the posted Vendor Invoice you would like to void and click the "paper X" icon.

  5. A popup window will display and allow editing of the following fields:
    1. Void Date: The date of the voiding document.
    2. Post Date: Must be greater than or equal to the Post Date of the Vendor Invoice.
    3. Description: This field is optional.
    4. Fiscal Period: Determined by the Post Date entered.
  6. Click Void.

  7. Notes:
    1. If using Purchasing, when the Vendor Invoice is Voided funds will be made available again on the Purchase Order. 
    2. If there was matched labor/expense, then the void makes those transactions available to be rematched to another Vendor Invoice. 


Available to users with the following Financials roles on their person profile: AP Poster.

Users also need access to the legal entity to which the Vendor Invoice applies.

Only posted Vendor Invoices can be voided.

Additional Information

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