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The Unanet Knowledge Center (KC) is a resource offered to share best practices, FAQs, and various scenarios. Tends to address business needs pulling together multiple entries from KC or Help, tends to be more process related.

Content is created and updated on a weekly basis, highlighted entries are shared with Customers via the customer newsletter.

The KC is the WHY and the HOW TO DO IT. The KC covers steps across functionality to solve business processes.

  • FAQs
  • Videos
  • Recorded webinars
  • Business case usages
  • Quick Topics that may pull together multiple Help and KC areas
  • Best practices

No - will address current version.

This means if you are on an older version of Unanet you may see functionality addressed which your version does not have.


The Help is detailed technical documentation that covers every aspect of every field in Unanet as well as some related processes.

The Help is the WHAT and the HOW IT WORKS.

  • Technical functionality and purpose of every screen and field in Unanet
  • Import file requirements


For the most current Help, use either:

  • The generic Help:

  • Your Unanet system’s Help link (if you are upgraded to the most recent version), which may look something like:

For older versions, consult

Example of older version of Help, first release of Financials:

Overview of KC

Design - Browsable and Searchable

Upper left links to Support, Unanet Help, and Unanet commercial website.

Overview of Help

The Help is organized topically with a similar hierarchy to the KC.

The Help covers technical details of every field and function in Unanet. 

Sharing information from KC

For one page

For multiple pages into one PDF

You may be interested in downloading one document made up of multiple KC pages. For example, exporting the AP Guide or AR Guide.

Detailed steps are here: Quick Topic - Exporting KC Pages to PDF

Sharing information from Help

When sending or embedding the link to a Help Doc page, always include the specific link within the current help documentation or within your instance of Unanet.

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Sample Popular Topics

Sample Topic/Link

Supplemental Links

Quick Topic - Best Practices for Handling Time and a half Overtime and Double Time in Unanet

Help Docs - Admin Setup - Pay Codes

Help Docs - Admin Setup - Employee Types

Help Docs - Dilution

Help Docs - Time Stored Procedures

Quick Topic - Mobile Timesheets

Help Docs - Mobile Device - Timesheet

Quick Topic - Methods for Reimbursing Employee Expenses

Help Docs - Vendor Invoices

Help Docs - Vendor Payments

Help Docs - Bulk Vendor Payment Creation

KC - AP Admin Guide - Accounts Payable Process Flows

KC - AP Admin Guide - Vendor Creation

KC - AP Admin Guide - Create Vendor Invoice from Expense Report

KC - AP Admin Guide - Submit and Post Vendor Invoice

KC - AP Admin Guide - Bulk Vendor Payment Creation

KC - AP Admin Guide - Print Checks

KC - Quick Topic - Steps for Processing Payments via ACH

Quick Topic - Methods of Paying Employee Wages with Unanet Financials

KC - Vendor Profiles

KC - AP Admin Guide - Vendor Invoice Entry

KC - AP Admin Guide - Bulk Vendor Payment Creation

KC - General Ledger Guide - Journal Entry Process Flow

Quick Topic - Refreshable Web Queries

Help Docs - Reports - Dashboard

KC - Push Reports

Quick Topic - How do I correct or negate an expense amount?

Help Docs - Expense Import

Help Docs - Working with Expenses

Help Docs - Setup of Expense Types

Quick Video - Timesheet Entry

Help Docs - Working with Timesheets

Quick Topic - How can users reset their own passwords?

Help Docs - Resetting your Password

Unanet Accounts Payable Instructional Guides


Procedures for Financials End-of-Month Close

FAQ - What are some considerations for year-end processing?

FAQ - Why doesn't a project appear in my timesheet?

Help Docs - Working with Timesheets

Quick Topic - ICE (Incurred Cost Electronically) Model

Webinar - ICE (Incurred Cost Electronically) MODEL

DCAA Government page on ICE


FAQ - Can I Hide Menu Options?Help Docs - menu.xml options

FAQ - How does Unanet help support your NIST SP 800-171 Compliance Goals?

NIST Special Publication

Unanet Webinar on NIST

AR Admin Guide - Accounts Receivable Process Flows


AP Admin Guide - Accounts Payable Process Flows


FAQ - Is there a Unanet System Data Flow Diagram?



Help Docs - Support for DCAA

KC - Webinar - Are You Ready for a DCAA Audit?

Help Docs - Admin - Import

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