Title: Utilize Adhoc Reports to Audit Person and Project Setups

Brief description:

When setting up People and Projects, utilizing the capabilities of Adhoc Reporting can be beneficial. Running saved Adhoc reports can help easily identify any discrepancies or missing data.

This is a best practice during implementation, but can also be very useful on an ongoing basis to continually verify accuracy of the data within Unanet.

What’s covered in this document:


Import the Adhoc Reports saved below and save them to a dashboard. These reports will assist in the audit of each of the tabs within a Person or Project Profile.

To audit Person Setup:

To audit Project Setup:


After loading new people or projects into Unanet, run each report to review the data. Some of the fields to verify would be:



It is recommended to run these reports at various times during implementation. The first time would be shortly after projects and people are imported into your system and immediately prior to go-live to confirm data is entered and it is correct.

Periodically after go-live, these reports are useful to verify that new employees and new projects are setup properly.

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