Title: Mobile Enabled Expense Reporting

Brief description:

This topic tells you how you can use your Smartphone or Tablet to enter and submit expense reports, photograph and attach receipts, and approve/disapprove employee expense reports in your queue. The examples below use an iPhone for the screenshots. Other model devices will follow similar procedures. 

What’s covered in this document:

Expense Entry

Navigate to the Unanet login page and enter your credentials. To work with expense reports, select Expense > List at the top of the screen to begin.

Attaching the Expense Receipt(s) Photo to your Expense Report

On the resulting page click Choose File. You may get a browser notification to allow pictures and record video. Select Allow and you will be given an action option to Take Photo or Video. This option may be different for various smartphones and tablets.

Note on regular Laptop expense entry

In the event that you want to upload attachments on your regular laptop, you can take a picture of the receipt(s) with your smartphone and email that picture to yourself. Then save locally on your computer, and browse/attach to your Unanet expense voucher.


The approval queue is accessible from the Unanet Home page.

Additional Information

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Mobile Unanet App as Icon on Smartphone Home Screen