Title:  Automating Schedule of Emailed Reports

Brief description:

This document illustrates how to send or "push" a report from the system in an automated fashion on a regular basis.

What’s covered in this document:

Report Creation

  1. Run the report of your choice, select the Save Criteria link and select the Dashboard where you would like the report to be pushed.

  2. Share the report with other users if desired, by selecting the Save Shared Criteria link, name the report (Share As), and click Save Shared.

  3. The report is now visible under the Dashboard where it has been saved. Run the report and copy the URL.

  4. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Email Reminders and select the option to add an Email Reminder. Select “Broadcast” as the Email Reminder Type.

  5. Complete the Email Reminder by adding a Name, Subject, Description, and Message. In the Message field, enter the URL of your report.

  6. Navigate to Admin > Reminders and select the Email Reminder previously created. Select the Schedule tab to set up the starting dates and frequency.
    (NoteThe system-wide e-mail notification must be enabled under Admin > Properties. If you want the report to be sent to specific organizations or approval groups, specify them via the Person Organization or Approval Group filter.)

  7. Save the Schedule. This will set up the system to send the Broadcast email with the report link to users in the approval groups or organizations specified previously.

    (Optional) Clicking Preview will show a list of users to which the Broadcast will be sent. The users can then be selected/deselected as recipients for the Broadcast. This option is available only if you edit the reminder, not if it is run via the scheduler.

  (Optional) Navigate to Admin > Schedule and review the details of your scheduled Broadcast.

The user will receive an email from the system with the URL to the report in the message field. The system will not generate the report in a specific file format, or attach to the email. The user will simply be presented the link to the report, and display the data when selected. If not already logged in, the user will be taken to the login screen to enter their credentials.

Additional Information

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