Title: How can I tell when a user last changed their password?

Brief description:

You may want to know when a user last changed their password. For example, you just completed initial training and are now working in your live system and you want to be sure everyone has changed their password from the default password they were given when their ID was first established.

What’s covered in this document:

Does the person profile tell me that the password was changed?

No, the person profile will not tell you the password has been changed. For security purposes, we do not share information regarding the password on the screen.

How can I tell if a person has changed their password?

You can run an adhoc report that pulls the date on which the password was last changed. For new users, this date will be the date that the initial password was entered by the Administrator setting up the user. Otherwise, it is the date on which the password was last changed. This change may have been by the user via Preferences or when an Administrator changed the password because the user did not remember their password. See the Additional Information section below for an adhoc report file that you may import to your own adhoc reports to determine the date the password was last changed.

Additional Information

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